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To help maximize the real-world applicability of available research findings, there has been greater emphasis over the past two decades on engaging local communities in the research process; this includes cooperative study design, shared cultural competencies, and equitable capacity building. This equitable  flow of information ensures these partnerships provide an authentic way to share knowledge and skills that explicitly relate to where they live and/ or work.


A key part of this is the ongoing focus on eliminating individual and systematic level racism in clinical, research and educational processes. This is an ongoing process that involves a willingness to learn about, and begin, undoing, the adverse impact of racism on individuals, organizations, and communities.

Community Collaboration
Training for Clinicians, Educators
& Researchers.

A modification of the YWCA of Southeast Wisconsin's Unlearning Racism: Tools for Action©  six-part education series, our program provides a starting  point for to learn about the impact, history, manifestations, whiteness, and addressing racism in education and research processes. This six-part workshop series examines the history and impact of systematic racism and what clinicians, researchers and educators must do about it. Collaborative tools and skills for implementing concrete next steps in addressing issues in their workplaces, and the community they serve are provided. Those that complete all six session are awarded a Certificate of Completion.

The workshop session details will be posted Fall 2021

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