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Our Collaboration

Meet Our Collaborators.

Affirming Youth Foundation, Inc., (Lead Agency), Walking One Stop (Lead Partner Agency), Miami- Dade County Juvenile Services Department (Lead Community Agency), and FIU- The Education Effect (Lead Resource Agency) aligns providers to create a formal, structured and sustainable network that will allow us to better collaborate to increase comprehensive high-quality services to victims of gang related violence and trauma, their family members, and community members that will strengthen youth and family services to ensure all youth are healthy, safe, engaged, and supported.

Collaborting Organizations

Antioch Youth Advisory Council

The Antioch Youth Advisory Council is very concerned with the systematic rise of youth violence in the community and utilizes the Theory of Planned Behavior to focus on social ecology conditions that contribute to youth violence.

Career Source South Florida

South Florida Workforce provides comprehensive assessments, career guidance/planning, leadership development opportunities, life skills, work readiness training, work experience, and internships. South Florida Workforce also provides training in financial literacy and access to quality affordable financial services.

Circle of Brotherhood

The COB is a coalition of former gang members that provide mentoring services to gang-exposed youth or people that have been affected by gang-related activity. The Circle of Brotherhood is instrumental in helping to establish rapport and engaging in information dissemination. 

The Education Effect

The Education Effect has been providing services in the Liberty City area since 2011 and is positioned to identify, develop, implement, and evaluate the selected prevention strategies and research areas.

Hosanna Community Church

Hosanna Community Foundation, Inc. has provided services to hi-risk children/families in the Liberty City/Brownsville area since December 1995. They are an established VITA site for the community of focus. They will work with the collaborative to expand Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites in the area.

Miami Foundation

Partners with donors to champion their causes and improve local quality of life. They have more than 1,000 donors, and currently manage more than $365 million in assets and have made over $400 million in grants that create opportunities for residents, make Miami-Dade County more resilient and foster home-grown creativity. They are a resource partner for sustainability.

Miami-Dade County Juvenile Services 

The Juvenile Service Department provides a continuum of comprehensive services to arrested and at-risk juveniles, and their families. They provide Juvenile Prevention and Diversion Programs, and Community-Based Programs to reduce the school to prison pipeline with early intervention.

Sant La

Sant La's mission is to empower, strengthen and uplift South Florida's Haitian community by providing free access to information and existing services to ensure its successful integration. Sant La provides free tax return preparation to eligible community members through our VITA program.


Taking on United Childhood Challenges Harmoniously is an advocate of the Youth Advisory Council initiative which implements and evaluates youth violence prevention strategies.

UMMAH Miami Dade Anti-Violence

mmah Futures International, is a strategic planning entity that assists rural and urban communities nationwide in developing, implementing, and evaluating successful community revitalization strategies. They lead the Miami-Dade County’s Group Violence Intervention (GVI) Model as part of a national program that seeks to decrease gun related deaths.


Branches’ programs focus on student achievement, family services, and financial wellness. They are an established VITA site for the community of focus. They work with the collaborative to expand Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites in the target area.

Chrysalis Health

Chrysalis Health is a mental health agency providing services in the Liberty City area since 1999. Chrysalis Health seeks to combine multidisciplinary teams including epidemiology, behavioral, social sciences, medicine, public health, and strategic service providers to build protective factors to improve community conditions.

Dream Defenders

Dream Defenders focuses on helping victims of violent crimes heal. They understand the cultural, social and policy factors that negatively affect the residents of Liberty City and the surrounding area. Dream Defenders aids in providing protective factors across 

FIU School of Social Work

The School of Social Work offers programs of study that prepare graduates to work in governmental, academic, nonprofit, and for-profit settings in the community. Through field experience Social Work Clinical-Student Interns gain knowledge and skills vital to the practice and research of social work. 

Kaizen Management Solutions, LLC

Kaizen Management Solutions provides public sector clients with strategic planning and accountability through performance management and data solutions.

Miami Dade Community Action & Human Services

Empowers individuals and families throughout the community with comprehensive social services. They provide Affirming Youth Foundation (lead Agency) with office and program space well below market value as a testament of their partnership and commitment to the work. They have agreed to allow Affirming Youth Foundation to become a VITA site.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS)

As the anchor academic institution, M-DCPS is the nation’s fourth-largest school district with over 350,000 students. The graduation rate for M-DCPS is 84.3%, higher than the state average of 82% for the 2017-18 school year.


The Advisory Committee of Liberty City advocates for Liberty City families by utilizing facts and models of success from policymakers as well as weaving a holistic set of values, programs, and mentors to safeguard and nurture youth development, by aiding in their transition to adulthood.

The Urban League of Greater Miami

Promotes economic empowerment through education and job training, housing and community development, workforce development, entrepreneurship, health, and quality of life.

Walking One Stop

Walking One Stop is an anti-crime and violence reduction group of local grassroots organizations committed to directly serving the community through formal and informal networks.Walking One Stop provides social and economic services to the doorstep of residents. 

Westview Community Alliance Corporation

WCAC has proven to be a viable partner by aligning community partners to participate in the Youth Advisory Council. They have taken a holistic approach to looking at community violence.

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