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The Level UP Training Institute links community members with education, health/ , and legal professionals to engage in mutually collaborations. By creating an equitable a training space, the Level UP Training Institute  provides community members  with research training to ensure their equitable roles in the creation of knowledge and access to funding opportunities that draw from their neighborhoods, and social circles. Similarly, using the surrounding community as a source and location for learning, the  Level UP Training Institute addresses researchers' need to develop understandings of the socio- historical community experiences influencing their ability to implement culturally relevant research studies. Using a cultural humility standpoint , our workshops are lead by Project SEEDS HEALS Collaboration members and other topic experts. We focus on building meaningful, long term collaborative relationships that supports community well- being. The Level UP Training Institute's goals include:

  • Enhancing community capacity by supporting equal community participation in research for which they will directly benefit

  • Establishing sustainable training programs that improve cross cultural understandings of experiences that shape the ways in which research, clinical and advocacy efforts are  implemented

  • Accelerating  the translation of research findings to communities by participating in studies and research projects.

  • Centering the voices and experiences of community members in work that is both about and for them.

The Level UP Training Institute offers a variety of custom training programs and courses to local and global organizations. We can deliver training in a variety of ways, including at our community site, your location or virtually. 

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